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A moving picture book biography of the Yankee great and his courage.
We Remember The Holocaust (Holt, publisher) The Number on My Grandfather's Arm (UAHC Press, publisher) A Hero and the Holocaust: The Story of Janusz and His Children (Holiday House, publisher) Child of the Warsaw Ghetto (Holiday House, publisher) Hiding From the Nazis (Holiday House, publisher)
An award winning picture book -- historical fiction
It's 1932. The Great Depression has made jobs scarce and money hard to come by. But life isn't terrible. America still loves baseball and two boys are about to discover that with some creativity, hard work, and a little help from the Babe himself, they can do their part to help out their own teams!
The story of the first woman to swim the English Channel
An award winning picture book biography
Funny books for readers who have graduated from the Cam Jansens and other "First Chapter" books.
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Cam Jansen, the girl with the photographic memory, has been solving mysteries and helping children learn to love reading for almost twenty-five years.

Holocaust Books for Young Readers

The Number on My Grandfather's Arm (UAHC Press)
One Yellow Daffodil: A Hanukkah Story (Gulliver/​Harcourt)
A Picture Book of Anne Frank (Holiday House)
A Hero and the Holocaust: The Story of Janusz Korczak and His Children (Holiday House)
Child of the Warsaw Ghetto (Holiday House)
Hiding from the Nazis (Holiday House)
Hilde and Eli: Children of the Holocaust (Holiday House)
We Remember the Holocaust (Holt)



THE NUMBER ON MY GRANDFATHER'S ARM -- Winner of the 1987 Sydney Taylor Award as the year's outstanding contribution to the field of Jewish literature for children

A HERO and the HOLOCAUST: The Story of Janusz Korczak and His Children -- Korczak was an author, radio personality, teacher and doctor. But above all else he was a hero. As the beloved doctor of a Jewish orphanage in Warsaw, Poland, during the years of the Nazi Party's rise to power, he cared for hundreds of children. They loved him as a father and affectionately called him their "Old Doctor." Korczak refused to save himself. Instead he stayed with his children to the very end.
A PICTURE BOOK OF ANNE FRANK -- awarded the 1994 Helen Keating Ott Award by the Church and Synagogue Library Association

ONE YELLOW DAFFODIL was called a "bright light" for the holiday season by James Howe in his Sunday December 3rd, 1995 review in the "New York Times." Howe wrote, "The warm celebration of the holiday in the Becker home brings Morris out of the darkness of loss and isolation into the bright warmth of healing and community. . . . A line from Proverbs ends Mr. Adler's story: 'The soul of man is a candle of God.' . . . It is not enough to as God for miracles in touching the lives of others. It is we who are the miracle workers. It is we who light the darkness."

"A powerful book." Booklist, December 15, 1989.

"In Adler's second book on the Holocaust (The Number on My Grandfather's Arm) he presents the results of masterful interviewing and research. Some individual paragraphs contain three or more stories, each of which stuns the imagination. Interspersing historical facts with the words of survivors, quick lines drop like bombs . . . The book's black-and-white photographs of events and the people quoted add a strongly emotional dimension to this moving chronicle. Ages 10-up." -- Publishers Weekly, November 24th, 1989.

CHILD OF THE WARSAW GEHTTO "Adler and Ritz use a picture-book biography to personalize what happened to millions of Jews under the Nazis . . . A compelling way to focus group discussion on how the unimaginable happened and why." -- Booklist This is the story of the Warsaw Ghetto through the eyes of Froim Baum, who was born in Warsaw on April 15, 1936. After his father died he was placed in Janusz Korczak's orphanage.