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Address for a free Cam Jansen Teacher's Guide, An Educator's Guide to David A. Adler's Picture Book Biographies, and other classroom materials, all with permission to make copies.
Address for fan letters and other correspondence.

Free, 24 page Educator's Guide to The David A. Adler Picture Book Biographies published by Holiday House, Inc.

The Picture Book Biography Educator's Guide and the Cam Jansen Teacher's Guide + bookmarks and other materials for display and free to duplicate will be sent to you if you send a self-addressed stamped 9" x 12" stamped envelope (12 ounces -- $3.08) to Cam Jansen + Biographies, P.O. Box 121, Hewlett, NY 11557.

24 page Teacher's Guide for use with the Cam Jansen Mysteries in your classroom is available. Pages may be reproduced for your students.

Along with the Cam Jansen Teacher's Guide, several pages for your classroom will be sent including "Writing Magic," "Create Your Main Character," "Choose a Setting for Your Story," "Let's Get Organized," "Your First Sentence," "The Rewrite Process," (Five versions of the first paragraph of a published book in the order they were written, suitable for use as a transparency, so children can see that writers DO rewrite), "The Editorial Process," (The first paragraph of the very first Cam Jansen as it was submitted for publication and how it looked after all the rewrites and editorial suggestions, also suitable for a transparency), and "Sentence Structure." All pages may be reproduced.

For a free Cam Jansen teacher's guide (pages may be reproduced for classroom use) and other materials, please send a stamped, self-addressed 9" X 12" envelope (12 oz. -- $3.08) to:
David Adler--Cam Jansen
P.O. Box 121,
Hewlett, NY 11557

Please, send fan mail and all other correspondence to:
David A. Adler,
P.O. Box 121,
Hewlett, NY 11557.
For a response, please include a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope (1 oz. --- 45c)with all fan mail.

Seven writing lessons free for use and reproduction along with teacher's guide are available.
"Writing Magic" sheet included in teacher's materials.