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WE REMEMBER THE HOLOCAUST chronicles the Holocaust in the voices of those who survived it. Based on interviews with scores of survivors who were all children, many teenagers, at the time of the Holocuast, the same age as the intended readers of this book, this will engage its readers. With its moving first-person voices and origial photographs from private collections it is an intensely personal contribution to the history of a period that must never be fogotten.

*Starred Review* Gr. 4-8. The title of this lively biography refers to the epitaph Franklin wrote for himself as a young man. In no way does it limit the scope of Adler's subject, which surveys Benjamin Franklin's life as a printer, a scientist, an inventor, a writer, and a statesman. Adler discusses Franklin in the context of his times, offering insights into his personal life as well as his varied interests and his considerable contributions to his city and, later, his country. Throughout the book, details, anecdotes, and quotations bring the man's portrait into clearer focus, while period illustrations, facsimiles of documents, and excerpts from Franklin's The Pennsylvania Gazette help readers envision the background of his times. The excellent book design includes the use of a typeface favored by Franklin, which gives a period flavor while remaining quite readable. Back matter includes chronologies of Franklin's life and contemporary American history, unusually detailed and informative source notes, illustration credits, and annotated lists of recommended books and Web sites. An intriguing portrait of a many-faceted man. Carolyn Phelan
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