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Mysteries for Young Readers

Celebrate Cam Jansen's 25th Anniversary in print!


To be a great detective like Cam, you will need to have a keen eye for detail. Improve your detective skills with this fun and simple game designed to help you remember suspicious characters.

You will need: pencils and paper, a watch or timer, various fun clothing and props.

1. Seat participants and give them each a pencil and sheet of writing paper.
2- Outside the party area, have one member of the group dress up. He/she can wear a funny hat, an unusual tie, a t-shirt with a slogan on it, old clothes that don't match, etc. Give him/her an interesting object to hold (a shopping bag, a baby doll, a flower, a newspaper). Try to include lots of colors, patterns, and other details in the outfits.
3-Instruct the others to pay careful attention when the costumes palyer enters the room. Position the person at the front of the room, in full view of the others. Set your times for 30 seconds and have the costumed player stand still in front of the room while the others look at him/her. No talking is allowed during this time.
4- When time is up, have the costumed player leave the room and have the others write down as many details as they remember.
5- When time is up, bring the costumed player into the room again. Check to see what each player remembered, and who remembered the most.