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"Moving . . . It's hard not to shed a tear." -- San Francisco Chronicle Book Review

"Inspirational." -- USA Today Baseball Weekly

"Well told and handsomely illustrated." -- The New York Times

Review from BOOKLIST
Gr. 3-5. Kids of today may not immediately recognize the name Lou Gehrig, but they will be immediately drawn into this picture book for older children about the "Iron Horse." Adler sets his narrative stage by telling readers that in 1903, Henry Ford sold his first auto, the Wright brothers took their first flight, and Lou Gehrig was born. Young Lou, who never missed a day of school, became a baseball player who never missed a game. Crisply and concisely, Adler covers the many high points of Gehrig's career, at the same time giving readers a real sense of the man and his shining spirit. Gehrig's illness and eventual death from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are handled with dignity and in a way youngsters will understand. The picture-book format gets a lift here from Widener's impressive artwork. Reminiscent of WPA art with its rounded shapes and potent energy, these pictures project a zest for life on and off the playing field. The last spread, showing Yankee Stadium on the day of Gehrig's funeral, awash in rain, provides a silent but powerful ending to Gehrig's story.--Ilene Cooper